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RAGE CAGE Braintree

A rage room is a specifically designed room where the customers can release some stress or just have some fun smashing a wide range of items in various ways for a designated amount of time.

Participants can have solo sessions or come as part of a group for general use or as a birthday/celebration. We hope to offer a fun, unique experience for anyone 10 and above.

We aim to tailor the experience for the person by offering themed smash rooms and they can choose to have songs of their choice played throughout their session. If part of a group their friends will be able to watch them in our unique viewing area.


There will be a variety of smashable items within the room excluding old box TVs, printers, glass, or any type of compressed chemicals such as spray paint or deodorant cans. Bats, poles, and golf clubs will be available to use.

Having a house clear out? Need to get rid of an old TV? We can accept a large number of items that make it into our RAGE Room! read more about donations here…


All participants will be required to wear full PPE throughout the session, this will be provided and will need to be worn before entering the room. PPE includes full overalls, gloves, steel-toe-capped boots, balaclava, full-face helmet, goggles, and gloves.

A member of staff will close and latch the door to the room and supervise the customer through a security monitor. This is a supervised activity. Only one person at a time can enter the room.

Age Requirements

The minimum age for all activities is 10+

Children’s Birthday parties cover 10-15 Years
Adult Birthday parties cover 16+

15 +
TVs waiting to be smashed
200 +
Cups waiting for a baseball bat
85 +
Crockery to be broken into tiny pieces
10 +
Computers that need frustration to be vented on them

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